The Loreley    by    Heinrich Heine
The following translated by Ernst Feise:

I do not know what haunts me,
        What saddened my mind all day;
        An age-old tale confounds me,
        A spell I cannot allay.

         The air is cool and in twilight
        The Rhine's dark waters flow;
        The peak of the mountain in highlight
        Reflects the evening glow.

        There sits a lovely maiden
        Above so wondrous fair,
        With shining jewels laden,
        She combs her golden hair

        It falls through her comb in a shower,
        And over the valley rings
        A song of mysterious power
        That lovely maiden sings.

        The boatman in his small skiff is
        Seized by a turbulent love,
        No longer he marks where the cliff is,
        He looks to the mountain above.

        I think the waves must fling him
        Against the reefs nearby,
        And that did with her singing
                               The lovely Loreley.

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