The Faery Lorelei

Tonight...far away from this pub
A girl shall dance by the cool winding stream,
'Neath the tall uneven blackthorn tree
And sing a ballad to the wind and the trees.

Far away even from the town
Her large brown eyes search
 For the quiet lad she once knew
Who walked in the twilight of the sidhe.

Sorrow betrays her comely face
When she knows that he won't come
And the tear that falls from her cheek
 Joins her stream and winds away.

The moon shall have dominion then
Over all the spirits on the earth
And sweet Lorelei will smile
And forget her sorrows once more.

And she will dance wildly again
Under the sacred blackthorn tree
Until another lad passes her way
And his life to take with a song.

Alas the sweet faery Lorelei,
Who sing sweet ballads of love
 While their lovers drown in streams
 And wash away on tears of longing.

        By John C. Cyr

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